Buying Guide

Choosing a mini marquee can seem daunting given the range of size, shapes and accessories available. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help ensure you choose the marquee that’s just right for you.


When choosing a mini marquee, it’s important to think about the size of shelter you require. Our marquees range in size from a small Square 2m x 2m up to a giant Hexagonal 6m so there’s plenty of choice. A larger marquee can be a great way to encourage people to your stand, especially if the heavens open and people want shelter! Think about not just people but also the goods you want to store. You might have tables, chairs, brochures, catalogues – all these things may need covering if it rains.

As well as the erected size, it’s worth considering the collapsible frame size too. The larger the size, the heavier the frame so consider how many people you will have available to help set up the marquee. A sole market stall trader with little space in a van may be more suited to one of our smaller instant shelters; an events company with more vehicle space and people to help would be more suited to our larger marquees.


The shape of a marquee can be essential so it’s important to get it right. A food retailer might would be better with a rectangular marquee to ensure that customers can see as much of the food on display as possible; a car manufacturer on the other hand may want to consider the larger hexagonal 6m marquee which ensures a car is covered and invites visitors to the stand from all sides.


Many of the frames out on the market are described as commercial-grade but in reality are far more suited to the residential market. A thin rigid frame may look fine but just a small gust of wind or user error when erecting the marquee could bend the frame, or more severely break the frame. Our frames are made with thick 40mm x 40mm square legs and a spring-loaded canopy to ensure the marquee is both strong and flexible for usage in British weather conditions. The spring-loaded frame also helps to keep the canopy taut and therefore free from pools of rainwater which typically damage the cheaper mini marquees.


Whilst all of our marquees are available in plain colours, many of our customers prefer to have some kind of branding to really market their product or service. A printed mini marquee is the perfect platform for this by offering maximum visual impact whilst remaining functional. We can produce any colour or photo, just send across what you have in mind.

Branding positioning is key to guarantee maximum exposure. Think about the environment your marquee will be in. Will you be inside an exhibition hall near to escalators where roof branding would be useful? Will you have people approaching from the sides where additional printed side walls would help? If you wish to have a table, you might want to think about a printed panoramic front.


It’s worth thinking about the type of usage your marquee will get to determine useful accessories. If it’s to always be used on grass then our standard guying kit will be sufficient to secure it to the ground. If you want to use it on hard surfaces outdoors then our hardstanding kit will allow you to secure weights to the main posts.